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iBlogyou helps you to write better blog articles for the web by providing easy to read guides, instructions, tutorials, podcasts, videos and more. We also provide free information on how to market your blog through search engine optimisation and social networking. Tina shares her mistakes, so you can avoid them, but also her success stories, so you can create your own.

There is so much more to blogging then writing.

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Honesty and integrity are two values that we favour in the company we keep. So, while Tina has been writing for a long time online, iBlogyou is rather new. We’re hoping you’ll come on board as a member of our community to learn and share all you can about blogging.

We have three levels of membership depending on the support you are seeking:

Level Three: Our mentorship program

When you are new to blogging, things can be overwhelming at first. If you’re looking for a mentor, someone to guide you in the best practices of blogging, a person who can read over what you’re doing and offer positive criticism and tips then our mentorship program might be right for you.

We’re not your “editor”, but our mentorship program provides a review of two blogs a month of up to 1,500 words each and a fortnightly half-hour live mentorship session where we can talk about what you’re struggling with and come up with solutions.

You’ll also gain free access to our weekly podcasts AND have first dibs on special invitation only events.

Our mentorship program is affordable for beginners. You can pay monthly and cancel at any time with one month’s notice. There’s no lock in contract or annual payment required up front.

We are limiting the mentorship program to 10 people at a time. We want to give you our full attention. If you complete the full 10 month’s of the program, you’ll receive a certificate, an invitation to write a guest post, plus you’ll become a better blogger.

Level Two: Access our podcast membership

With our weekly membership podcasts, you’ll hear from other bloggers about why they blog, and learn about their their blogging journeys and the tools they have found useful along the way.

Our 15 minute podcasts include discussions with members on what’s happening in the blogosphere and unpack rich ideas and information for both the discerning learner and astute creator.

iBlogyou’s podcasts cover a range of blogging including personal, hobbyist, commercial and creative.

The iBlogyou Community Membership Podcast program is a smart addition for our individual blogging courses which come with a 25% discount.

Level One: Join our blogging community for free