About iBlogyou

Blogging has many facets. At iBlogyou we recognise the multiple dimensions of creativity and skills involved in successful blogging. Blogging isn't just about creating a side project to make some extra money. For some people it is a fulltime job and for other others an expression of their interests, the opportunity to learn something new or a space in which to inspire greatness in others.

iBlogyou is built on an idea to bring bloggers of all types together to create a stong community where they can learn, collaborate and collectively advocate for fairness in all that they do.

Hello and welcome to iBlogyou.com.au. iBlogyou is for bloggers who want to grow and be better at what they do.

My name is Tina Dubinsky and as a fulltime blogger, I have been making a living from online writing for over ten years. During the ten years before that, I worked in positions where I was responsible for aspects of online marketing and the management of websites.

I currently have a passive income stream from blogging. It happened totally by accident. However, I also blog for businesses, project manage e-newsletters and write social media posts for businesses on LinkedIn.

You can learn more about how I fell into writing articles online and blogging later. First, I want to discuss something super important to me, iBlogyou.

Why iBlogyou?

A couple of years ago, I decided I didn’t always want to be known as Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer. It seemed limiting. So, I chose the URL iBlogyou.com.au as my new online branding adventure.

However, it can be really hard squeezing in time to develop your passion. A topic we’ll discuss later for the bloggers who want to make a passive income or become fulltime bloggers.

As I already had a steady income, I chose to take my time to develop iBlogyou into something more. As a freelancer, I discovered that there were a few things lacking in our blogosphere sector. One of those things was holidays.

When you have repeat clients, it can be difficult sneaking in a bit of R&R. Or what happens when you have family emergencies? Who is going to do your work? So this was one problem that I wanted to use iBlogyou to solve.

Next, I found that many blogging tutorials were either a bit dated or lacked the full scope of how to make blogging into a business. So, I felt the need to start creating my own.

The last thing I’ll bring up for now (yes, I have a few more problems and solutions), is that most bloggers aren’t fully appreciated for the long-term value they provide.

iBlogyou’s Ethos

Our mission

iBlogyou’s mission is to make your blogging life easier by providing you with the knowledge, tools and opportunities for blogging success.

Our vision

Simply put, our vision is to be the go to space for bloggers seeking support to become the best blog creators they can be.

Our values

Our core set of guiding beliefs reflect who we are and where we want to be.


iBlogyou icon with two thought bubbles represents community.
  • Be honest in our interactions with all members.
  • Respect everyone’s rights.
  • Shared commitment to the creation of quality online information.
  • Embrace diversity.
  • Create a sense of belonging and connectedness.


  • Value the act of taking an idea and making it into a tangible asset.
  • Continue to push forward despite obstacles and challenges.
  • Learn from our mistakes.
  • Practise patience instead of instant gratification.


iBlogyou icon with a coconut tree representing the value of nurture.
  • Engage and develop relationships through each stage of the journey.
  • Understand who our members are.
  • Be consistent.
  • Communicate effectively by using all forms of text.
  • Actively listen.


iBlogyou icon with three hands in a circle for collaboration.
  • Recognise everyone’s strengths.
  • Help and support each other.
  • Exchange things with others for mutual benefit.
  • Act as a team, not divisions.
  • Build partnerships.


  • Proactively encouraging collaboration, knowledge transfer and information sharing.
  • Creating meaningful economic and social value.
  • Being fully engaged in our purpose and who we are.


  • Promote a fair process.
  • Advocate for fairness in all transactions.
  • Relationships matter most when it comes to decision-making.
  • Champion equality.

How you can benefit from iBlogyou

There are many different ways that you can benefit from iBlogyou.

We suggest beginning at the Start.

Stay at the top of your blogging

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